About Me

I have been working in the field for more than a decade. I do not pigeonhole myself to specific languages or frameworks. Through the years, I have learned and worked in several programming languages and frameworks. I have built apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. I am comfortable working in C, C++, Objective-C, C#, Python, and Java.

I took up web development since early 2016 and picked up Go and NodeJS. I have built and delivered apps using ReactJS, Mobx, Redux, and ElectronJS.

Besides the day job, I contribute to open source projects, beta test startup products, and offer consultancy.

What is the intent behind this website?

Years ago I was naive and lacked career counseling. I aspire, these notes and observations, to help green Software developers who are in the same boat as I was.

Stephen King advises,

Write with the door closed, rewrite with the door open. Your stuff starts out being just for you, in other words, but then it goes out.

My writings are in the “door closed” stage. I use this website to hone my writing skills and document my notes.

My Projects

  • Elegant A clean and distraction free Pelican theme, with search and a lot more unique features. Built with Jinja2 and Bootstrap
  • extract_toc A Pelican plugin to extract table of contents
  • tipue_search A Pelican plugin to serialize generated HTML to a JavaScript variable that can be used by jQuery plugin - Tipue Search
  • share_post A Pelican plugin to create share URLs of article
  • TiddlyWiki My contributions to TiddlyWiki, a self-contained JavaScript wiki
  • Pelican Static site generator that supports Markdown and reST syntax
  • coc-lists Common lists extension for coc.nvim
  • Logpad + Duration Vim plugin to emulate Windows Notepad logging feature, and log duration of each entry
  • Asana Python Asana API bindings
  • Ctags Exuberant Ctags clone with ObjectiveC and CSS support
  • Wasavi A browser extension that changes textarea element to Vi editor